Fierce, Fearless & Financially Free

Gain more clarity, confidence & courage with your money now. Breakthrough your fears and the unknown to take control. No more f*k’n around with your life!

Struggling? Tired of “Just Enough…?”

Spending vs. Saving? Investments? Credit Maxed? Feeling Overwhelmed? #@%&! Feel strong & successful in ‘most’ areas of your life yet harbor secret money fears or that constant, inner struggle between guilt and entitlement?

There’s a way to stop living in lack, ignorance and scarcity. Discover the FINancial Sharktress way to get fierce with your finances!

Hey there! I’m your Financial Sharktress, Galit Tsadik.

I’m here to tell you that the dream lifestyle you want is possible! You Just Gotta Be a “BADA$$ Shark” & Get Fierce About Your Finances. As a personal finance expert and Certified Financial Education Instructor, I help you create clear financial goals and systems to manifest all that you desire.

Using the same spirit, power and energy of sharks, who swim gracefully and free, you’ll multiply the ambition, adventure and abundance in your own life!

By tackling myths, unhealthy money habits and any root causes of low self-worth, trust issues or past hurts you’ll experience huge, personal transformational shifts! You’ll take a bite out of debt and doubts, leave past abuse or negative self-talk behind and move forward to secure your future, financial freedom and abundance!


Open yourself up to abundance and wealth with this money ritual!

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