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Praise & Testimonials for Galit

I’ve been working with Galit for 3 months, and I feel like she has helped me have fun with money and release so many fears I had surrounding money.

I went to Korea recently and came in under budget!

~ Alexandra Choi

Today, Galit and I got to look at my finances, which I’ve ignored forever. I now feel secure and responsible working with my money.

~ Shane Kulman

Having an opportunity to sit down one-on-one with Galit was one of the best things to ever happen to me.

At the age of 26, I was deeply unsatisfied about where I was in my career and felt absolutely helpless when it came to my relationship with money. My financial illiteracy was the cause of constant anxiety, scarcity mentality, and deep insecurity.

After just the first session, I emerged bawling with relief that I had such an intelligent and helpful woman as a resource in my life. 

Galit has guided me through renegotiating my role and salary with my employer – I most certainly could not have gotten such a smart deal without her.  She has also been key in coaching me through starting my own business (something I had been at a standstill with until working with her).

After spending time with such a bright, caring, empowering woman – I feel I’ve transformed immensely as a businesswoman and person. The true value of the service Galit provides is priceless!!

~ Nicole Zelek

Credit where credit is due!

I got paid and it was thanks to me finally *and easily* implementing a real accounting system for my freelance gigs –  by recommendation of FINancial Sharktress Galit.

I came back from a long vacation and noticed and unpaid invoice. Upon following up with the client it turned out  there was a minor mistake in closing documents that prevented them from issuing the payment. And whose responsibility it was to take care of my money? Mine!!!

I’m so grateful to Galit for teaching me that love means attention & presence and once you show it to money it will love you back! <3 

~Margarita Estevez

I am so glad to have found Galit!

She has taught me and helped me figure out the best ways to save, which savings accounts fit my lifestyle and how much is a good amount to save according to how much I make. Her advice on budgeting was phenomenal and now I know that I will be able to reach my goal of purchasing a condo within the next 2 years!

~ Nina McAllister


I’m dedicated to making sure you and nobody else ever lives in victimhood. I believe, like a shark free in the ocean, anyone can break free and never again be stuck in toxic relationships, environments or jobs because of a lack of money or knowledge.

Here’s a bit more about me so you “get” why I get you!

ME = I’m feisty, fearless, free and fun while being unique and authentic.

Based on my own love and experience with sharks, as a certified SCUBA diver, and an environmental champion of the oceans, I reveal how you can benefit from the spirit, power and energy of sharks to create abundance in your life with more clarity and confidence.

By tackling myths, unhealthy money habits and any root causes of self-worth, trust issues or past hurts you’ll experience huge, personal transformational shifts! You’ll take a bite out of debt and doubts, leave past abuse or negative self-talk behind and move forward into your fin-tastic future of abundance!

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