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I’m Galit Tsadik, your Financial Sharktress.

My name is Galit and I’m a Certified Financial Education Instructor and founder & She.E.O. of my namesake company, Tsadik G Management. Tsadik G Management is a Virtual CFO Firm that has been helping small businesses with their finances since 2015. Many of my clients double or triple their annual revenue and/or profit margin in the first year of working with me!

One of my clients went from making $20,000-$60,000 per month to averaging $115,000 per month in just a few short weeks!

I knew that I had to expand into financial wellness coaching so that I could make a bigger impact on the entrepreneurs themselves and not just their businesses.

I’m dedicated to making sure you and nobody else ever lives in victimhood. I believe, like a shark free in the ocean, anyone can break free and never again be stuck in toxic relationships, environments or jobs because of a lack of money or knowledge.

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