Being a BADA$$ S.H.A.R.K.

with FINancial Sharktress Galit Tsadik

YOU = Smart ‘n Sassy…

Likely you’re already a successful, passion-based entrepreneur looking to breakthrough to your next level of lifestyle goals and biggest dreams. You’re independent, bold and don’t seek approval from others.

You’re probably passionate about making an impact to help others, like the disempowered or down-trodden, whether they’re people or endangered species. You’d fulfill some lifelong dreams and missions IF only you had more time & money.

You’ve got the motivation but you feel completely hopeless, frustrated, and disappointed. You could use some direction.

So what’s stopping your financial freedom?

  • You say you’re going to create a budget but something else always seems more important. Why aren’t YOU a priority?
  • You really want to save some money for the future but life keeps getting in the way. How do you RISE above?
  • You know about money but you’re just better at spending than saving or investing. Why IS that?
  • You are making more money than you used to but you’re still living paycheck to paycheck. How do you BREAK the cycle?
  • You bounce between knowing you deserve ‘those shoes’ because you worked freakin’ hard and feeling guilty for having financial issues in your life that make you feel an overwhelming sense of lack or, worse, a dependence on someone else who makes more money, ‘provides’ but then holds power over you. Yuck.
  • You have a decent job, a decent relationship and a decent life but it still feels like it’s just “not enough.” You don’t feel free to make choices with finances looming over your head. Aside from daily expenses, there’s those budgets, taxes, saving, and investing too. #@%$&!

Does it have to be so hard? Heck NO.

It’s easier than you think but you have to take the next step. Hire all the accountants and financial planners you want but unless you have the right attitude they’ll just be more people taking money from you. You need to rewire your mind and face the uncomfortable truth so that you can heal.

You need someone that cares about you, not just the commission they make from selling you an investment or insurance policy. Someone to guide you through your finances and what makes sense for your life.

That’s where Financial Sharktress comes in, we don’t sell insurance or specific investments because our focus is on you.

We empower you to make decisions that are aligned with your dreams.

Take a bite out of your debt and doubts today to become a “BADA$$ Shark!”

It’s time to OWN your finances and CONTROL your life:

Take advantage of opportunities.
Be adaptable and navigate situations in spite of any fear
Take advantage of opportunities.

I’m Galit Tsadik, your Financial Sharktress.

My name is Galit and I’m a Certified Financial Education Instructor and founder & She.E.O. of my namesake company, Tsadik G Management. Tsadik G Management is a Virtual CFO Firm that has been helping small businesses with their finances since 2015. Many of my clients double or triple their annual revenue and/or profit margin in the first year of working with me!

One of my clients went from making $20,000-$60,000 per month to averaging $115,000 per month in just a few short weeks!

I knew that I had to expand into financial wellness coaching so that I could make a bigger impact on the entrepreneurs themselves and not just their businesses.

Through my coaching and training, I help overwhelmed entrepreneurs like you transform into BAD-A$$ SHARKS with their money.

Like them, you can take advantage of my powerful, proprietary strategic systems and training to feel stronger, highly motivated and more empowered than you ever have before!

I know your pain. I share exactly how I turned my own pains of the past, including witnessing childhood domestic violence, followed by career-limiting sexism and bias, into prosperity and freedom with my own total financial independence.

My mission is to help make you more confident, resilient, ambitious and adventurous while also having more clarity, energy and courage to take control of your finances and maximize your money!

I work with you 1-on-1, or in groups, to guide participants through healing and goal-setting exercises to create a clear vision of your financial goals and what you would like to manifest in your business, career, and your all-new life.


I’m dedicated to making sure you and nobody else ever lives in victimhood. I believe, like a shark free in the ocean, anyone can break free and never again be stuck in toxic relationships, environments or jobs because of a lack of money or knowledge.

Here’s a bit more about me so you “get” why I get you!

ME = I’m feisty, fearless, free and fun while being unique and authentic.

Based on my own love and experience with sharks, as a certified SCUBA diver, and an environmental champion of the oceans, I reveal how you can benefit from the spirit, power and energy of sharks to create abundance in your life with more clarity and confidence.

By tackling myths, unhealthy money habits and any root causes of self-worth, trust issues or past hurts you’ll experience huge, personal transformational shifts! You’ll take a bite out of debt and doubts, leave past abuse or negative self-talk behind and move forward into your fin-tastic future of abundance!

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